5 Reasons Why Belts Without Holes Are Superior

As mentioned in our related article we at ODYAS might seem a bit biased towards holeless automatic belts. From our perspective, modern automatic belts are superior to traditional belts in every way. But let's look at the facts. We want to focus on five key points to show you why we're so convinced about these belts.

1. Limited Adjustability

Traditional belts with fixed holes offer only a limited number of adjustment options, which can result in an imprecise fit. An automatic belt, on the other hand, allows for seamless adjustments because the belt can be micro adjusted. This way, you can tailor the belt to your exact waist size without compromising on comfort or fit.

2. Hole Stretching

Holes in traditional belts tend to stretch over time, leading to a loss of functionality. An automatic belt doesn't use holes, so this problem is completely avoided. The automatic locking technology ensures that the belt always fits securely and reliably, without holes stretching or wearing out.

3. Aesthetics and Comfort

An automatic belt offers a smooth and aesthetically pleasing surface that not only feels comfortable to wear but also enhances your outfit. While the buckle is usually a bit thicker than a traditional one, this is offset by the superior fit and added comfort, making it a more aesthetically pleasing choice overall.

4. Durability

Traditional belts often suffer from wear and tear at the holes due to constant stress, making them less durable. Automatic belts, known for their longevity, don't have this issue. The fact that a holeless belt doesn't need to be bent to fasten it extends its lifespan significantly.

5. Versatility

An automatic belt allows you to mix and match different belt straps with the same buckle. This saves space in your wardrobe and gives you more options to vary your style depending on the occasion.


Overall, these advantages of holeless belts demonstrate why an automatic belt is a modern and practical choice. If you value flexibility, comfort, and durability, you should definitely consider the benefits of an automatic belt. Visit our shop to learn more about our innovative designs and find the perfect belt for your needs.

Let us know in the comments if you have a different opinion. We look forward to hearing from you.

Written by Benjamin Neuweiler

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