33mm Leather Strap in Dark Brown

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All ODYAS straps are crafted from Premium Full Grain Leather. This 33mm version is great for both business or elegant occasions. It pairs well with suits and also looks sharp with other stylish pants like Chinos or Khakis.

With a standard length of 135cm, our straps accommodate waistlines from 40 to 125 cm, removing the need to select a size.
Our Omni Dynamic Adjustment System ensures precise tightening for the perfect fit and maximum comfort throughout the day. It also accommodates weight fluctuations, allowing our straps to fit comfortably even if you gain or lose weight. In addition, it prevents the belt from bending, ensuring minimal wear and significantly extending the lifespan of your belt.

Adjusting the raw strap to your waist size is simple – just mount the uncut strap to your buckle and place the belt around your waistline. Find the length that suits you, and cut the excess material from the raw end that inserts into the buckle. For detailed instructions, refer to our comprehensive guide. (see here)

With proper care, genuine leather ages beautifully, enhancing its appearance over the years. This, coupled with our fine selection of straps, allows you to enjoy and expand your combinations even further.

  • Made From Premium Full Grain Leather
  • Shiny Finish
  • Fits Only 33mm ODYAS Buckles

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Toller Gurt

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Sehr dunkel aber nicht zu sehr

Als ich mir die Fotos angesehen habe, hatte ich Bedneken, dass der Riemen zu dunkel sein wird aber wenn ich ihn nun in Echt sehe ist er eigentlich genau richtig. Ich vermisse aber noch mehr Farbenauswahl, z.B. Oxblood daher 1 Punkt Abzug.