33mm Leather Strap in Light Brown with Silver Buckle

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ODYAS belts blend Swiss design with innovative thinking and meticulous craftsmanship. The idea behind our design is to combine style with practicality and longevity.

Each ODYAS Belt features our «omni dynamic adjustment system». Simply adjust the strap until it fits you comfortably and release it with the push of a button. Switching out the strap is a breeze, allowing you to replace it or mix and match it with different-colored straps.

Unlike regular belts, ODYAS belts don't need to be bent when putting them on, preventing them from developing marks or cracks, improving their lifespan drastically.

ODYAS belts come in two sizes. The 33mm version is perfect for formal occasions, where elegant pants often have narrower belt loops. The 38mm version offers slightly more width, ideal for casual pants. While both sizes work with any outfit, we recommend getting both for the perfect look in any situation.

Adjusting the belt to your waist size is simple – just mount the uncut strap to your buckle and place the belt around your waistline. Find the length that suits you, and cut the excess material from the raw end that inserts into the buckle. For detailed instructions, refer to our comprehensive guide. (watch the video here)

Customer Reviews

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Jupp B.
Lieferung blitzschnell, Konzept genial!

Macht alles einen sehr guten und seriösen Eindruck. Ich werde hier wieder bestellen falls der Gürtel auch in einem Jahr noch so aussieht, was er nach Produktbeschreibung bei guter Pflege ja tun sollte.

Top Service

Top Service! Obwohlich ich Dödel den falschen Gürtel bestellt habe, haben sie ihn zurück genommen und innert 3 Tagen war der neue schon da. Dazu hat mir der Geschäftsführer Benjamin persönlich angerufen und sich nochmals bedankt. Das nenne ich Kundenservice, da können sich einige grosse Hersteller eine DICKE Scheibe von abschneiden.